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For the development of youth organizations and policies

The Spanish Youth Council believes in training and facilitation as a necessary tool for the development of effective participation. For this reason, the Council has an Annual Training Plan that aims to help youth organizations and their managers for their personal and organizational development.

The CJE aims to respond to the training needs of the associative movement in key issues for the development of organizations and accompanying the processes of entities and groups of young people. The training plan is proposed as training with quality content and based on Non-Formal Education (NFE) in modules of 12 hours so that youth organizations, their teams and groups of young people can incorporate them in their daily lives and in their mission of social transformation.

Training plan

Increases your organization's knowledge and capabilities

The CJE has three lines of development within its training offer:

Annual course program

These are the courses organized by the CJE directly and which, within the training catalog offer, have been prioritized to empower CJE member organizations. These trainings are advertised on social networks with open calls a month and a half before the activity and is fully covered by the council.

Training In Your Entity (FETEN)

This line of training and facilitation aims to bring the training offer to different entities and points of the territory, even where there is no regional council. In order for the training to reach the largest possible number of people and entities, the Spanish Youth Council provides entities with training and facilitation actions previously designed (which are included in the catalog of courses in our Training Plan) but which can be adapted to the specific needs of each entity.

Training and Facilitation Support Service

This is the on-demand training program. Entities or institutions request training or facilitation according to their needs and the Council finds a training team for them from among the people in the Training Pool. This program is covered entirely by the applicants.

Training and Facilitation Exchange (BdFF)

El Consejo de la Juventud de España cuenta con un equipo de personas dedicadas a la formación y la facilitación que conforman la Bolsa de Formación y Facilitación del CJE (BdF). Muchas de ellas vienen de las entidades miembro del CJE y brindan sus conocimientos y experiencia en procesos de formación y facilitación de equipos al resto de entidades que hacen uso de este recurso.

Las personas que conforman la BdF ayudan al Consejo de la Juventud de España en la elaboración de su Plan de Formación y Facilitación y están a disposición de las entidades a través de los programas de Formación En Tu Entidad (FETEN) o el Servicio de Apoyo a la Formación (ALF).

La BdF está compuesta por un número máximo de 30 personas que se renueva anualmente. Para formar parte de la BdF se abre un proceso a finales/inicio del año con número máximo de personas a incorporar en función de las necesidades de relevo de la propia Bolsa de Formación según su evolución y los perfiles que la componen.

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