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Frequently Asked Questions

The Consejo de la Juventud de España is made up of its member organizations. In order to participate in our activities, assemblies and trainings you must be a member of one of these entities. Here you can see the complete list of entities and choose the one that best suits your needs, concerns and preferences.

No. The Youth Council of Spain is a private corporate body, which fulfills the public function of representing the interests, rights and claims of Spanish youth before public administrations and institutions.

No. Although many political youth organizations and party youth formations participate in the CJE, the Spanish Youth Council is a neutral and consensual space whose arguments and lines of action are decided democratically in our assemblies.

The CJE is an independent corporate body, however, our funding is public. The majority of our funding comes from the Spanish Youth Institute (INJUVE), which reports primarily to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Agenda 2030.

No. Injuve is the autonomous agency for the coordination of public youth policies and depends on the Government of Spain. The CJE has spaces for dialogue, coordination and collaboration with Injuve to represent youth.

In 2014 with the approval of the so-called "Cora Law" or Law 15/2014, of September 16, on the rationalization of the Public Sector and other administrative reform measures, the former Autonomous Body Youth Council of Spain is closed in order to reduce the State Public Sector, this measure being fulfilled with the approval of the General State Budget in 2018. As a consequence that public body ceases to exist and the new Private Based Corporate Entity Consejo de la Juventud de España is created, which is independent from the public administration and is organized by the private sector. With this closure, the Instituto de la Juventud de España subrogates the rights and duties of the former autonomous body, so they are the ones who can issue the certificates of services rendered in the public sphere. Contact their human resources department.

No. The CJE is not an administration and does not call for subsidies or grants. We are present in the commissions of some ministries to represent the associated youth or we are part of the evaluation commissions of the National Agency of the Erasmus+ program and the European Solidarity Corps, but we do not give grants. We only support youth organizations through our Training Plan and the resources for entities that we generate.

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