Garantía Juvenil: Hagamos que suceda

Fecha inicio: 08-04-2014 08:00
Fecha fin: 08-04-2014 17:00

Convoca Unión Europea

Evento en el que participa el CJE y sera retransmitido online en http://europa.clients.telemak.com/
Conferencia de alto nivel organizada por la Comisión Europea

Evento para analizar los pasos llevados a cabo desde el acuerdo tomado hace un año sobre la Garantía Juvenil. Los distintos agentes que forman parte de la misma debatieron sobre los puntos de mejora de la misma

Agenda de la reunión:

8:30 – 9:30   Welcome coffee and registration

9:30 – 10:15 One year since EU agreement on the Youth Guarantee

Welcome: László Andor, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Intervención en video

Opening address:  José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission Intervención en video Intervención en texto

Objective: This session will review the Youth Guarantee Implementation Plans discussed between the Member States and the European Commission in the first months of 2014 and thus provide the thread for the rest of the day: What are the key changes Member States are introducing to ensure every young person gets a chance to get a foothold in the labour market? What should be done better?

10:15 – 11:30 

Youth Guarantee as urgent action to help NEETs and longer-term structural reform to improve school-to-work transitions

Chair:  László Andor, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion 

Bernadette Ségol, Secretary General of the European Trade Union Confederation 
Valeria Ronzitti, General Secretary of the European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services (CEEP) 
Peter Faross, Secretary General of the European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (UEAPME) 
Maxime Cerutti, Director of the Social Affairs Department, BusinessEurope 
Peter Matjašič, President of the European Youth Forum 
Frank-Jürgen Weise, Chair of the Board of the German Federal Employment Agency and Member of the European network of Heads of Public Employment Services 
Adrian Thacker, Senior Head of National Partnerships, The Prince's Trust, United Kingdom 

Q&A with the audience

Objective: This session will discuss the short-term and long-term dimensions of the Youth Guarantee and the links between them. It will provide examples of how existing and new actions for youth employment can be built into comprehensive Youth Guarantee schemes so as to generate opportunities for young people currently neither in employment, education or training (NEETs). At the same time, it will discuss what systemic changes are needed in the way companies, education institutions and employment services work together in order to improve in the match between young people's qualifications and skills and companies' needs. Finally, the session will discuss ways to develop dual training systems, improve the functioning of Public Employment Services and increase the availability of entry-level jobs and quality traineeships.

11:30 – 12:00   Coffee break


12:00 – 13:00 Implementing the Youth Guarantee in countries with high youth unemployment: What is realistic – and is it sufficient?

Chair:   James Calleja, Director of the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) 


Patrícia Borges, Youth Guarantee Coordinator, Portugal 
Miguel Fernandez Diez-Picazo, Youth Guarantee Coordinator, Spain
Brian McCormick, Youth Guarantee Coordinator, Ireland 

Discussant: Massimiliano Mascherini, European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) 

Q&A with the audience
Objective: This session will discuss the practical challenges involved in implementing the Youth Guarantee in countries with particularly high levels of youth unemployment and inactivity. In what timeframe can progress be expected and at what scale – and what would it take to achieve better results?

12:00 – 13:00 Seeing is believing: Youth organisations at the heart of implementing the Youth Guarantee    

Chair:  Emilie Turunen MEP 


Janne Savolainen, Youth Guarantee Coordinator, Finland 
Meelis Paavel, Chair of the Management Board, Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund (Public Employment Service)
Giovanni Corbo, Secretary General of the National Youth Council of Italy 

Q&A with the audience
Objective: This session will show how youth organisations are (or can be even more) involved in the design and delivery of Youth Guarantee schemes.
13:00 – 14:15 Buffet lunch

14:15 – 15:30 Companies' contributions to the Youth Guarantee under the European Alliance for Apprenticeships   

(session in EN only)
Chair:  Pierre Mairesse, Director for Policy Development and Country Analysis, Directorate-General for Education and Culture, European Commission

Alfredo Silva, Vice-President and Head of Human Resources, Nestlé Zone Europe (confirmed)
Sally Ashford, Director of Human Resources, Telefonica Europe, representing also the Global Apprenticeships Network
Gerhard Dambach, President of Bosch Italy, Robert Bosch GmbH 
Representative of the European Roundtable of Industrialists

Q&A with the audience
Objective: This session will highlight some concrete contributions from companies to improve the availability of apprenticeships and develop dual training systems.

14:15 – 15:30 European Social Fund and Youth Employment Initiative – how far are Member States in using EU funding for the Youth Guarantee?

Chair:  Michel Servoz, Director General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission 

Noémi Danajka, Head of Department for Employment Programmes, Ministry of National Economy, Hungary
Ieva Jaunzeme, State Secretary, Ministry of Welfare, Latvia
Salvatore Pirrone, Director General, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Italy 
Emmanuelle Wargon, Déléguée générale à l’emploi et à la formation professionnelle, France 

Q&A with the audience
Objective: This session will discuss how Member States have incorporated the Youth Guarantee in their Partnership Agreements and Operational Programmes for 2014-2020 and are beginning to make use of financial support from the European Social Fund and the Youth Employment Initiative for the Youth Guarantee's implementation.
15:30 – 16:00   Coffee break


16:00 – 16:45 Special session: Europe's Youth Guarantee in a global context - G20 work on youth employment

Chair: László Andor, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion 

Keynote speakers: 
Guy Ryder, Director General of the International Labour Organisation 
 Yves Leterme, Deputy Secretary General of the OECD 

Discussant: Margaret Kidd, Australian Government - Department of Employment, Co-Chair of the G20 Taskforce on Employment 

16:45 – 17:30 Concluding debate: What remains to be done to make the Youth Guarantee a reality?

Chair: Michel Servoz, Director General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission

László Andor, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion 
Pervenche Berès MEP 

Representative of the forthcoming Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU
Q&A with the audience

Así mismo el Foro Europeo de la Juventud aprovecho el evento para presentar su publicación: Las asociaciones Juveniles en la Garantía Juvenil